Chrysocolla Confusion

Chrysocolla is often mistaken for Turquoise

  • Turquoise is hydrous copper and aluminium phosphate.


Chrysocolla is a mineral that can be soft and fragile.

The luster of typical Chrysocolla is dull or waxy and is too brittle for jewelry uses.

Chrysocolla can be opaque and in it’s most sought after form is translucent, which is called Gem Silica and can be used in jewelry.

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A big difference between Chrysocolla and Turquoise is hardness. Chrysocolla can be brittle and often has multiple fractures.

A field test: Chrysocolla or Turquoise?

Lick your finger and touch the rock specimen.  If the rock feels “sticky” or “tacky” as you touch the rock with your wet finger, chances are the rock is probably Chrysocolla!

Bisbee Turquoise? Candeleria Turquoise? No...this turquoise comes from Egypt

Bisbee Arizona Turquoise? Candeleria Nevada Turquoise? No…this rare turquoise comes from Egypt

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