Natural Morenci, Arizona turquoise transformed from “rough” into “baroque cabochons.”   The bottom row are the finished baroque cabochons that are pictured “in the rough” in the top row. Note the identical shapes. *Baroque Cabochons are defined on the “Native Southwest Jewelry Terms” page.

Morenci Rough with Devcon Backing

Morenci Rough with Devcon Backing

Same Morenci Turquoise stones featured above...only polished

Same Morenci Turquoise stones featured above…only polished


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Stones are shaped by using abrasive diamond coated wheels ranging from rough grit to super fine grit.  There is some material loss when the top of the stones are flattened out and the edges are slightly angled to fit into a bezel.

The shine is not wax or polish, but is the result of final step of super fine grit diamond coated wheel sanding.  These are 100% natural (unstabilized or enhanced) stones showing their true natural color and beauty. 

The bronze colored “Devcon” pictured on the back of the stones add strength for mounting purposes and is hidden by the bezel the stone is ultimately set.

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