Highland Park auto cab machineMost noteworthy, this is a rare and original Highland Park Lapidary cabochon duplicating machine. It is from the original company and  originates from the 1970’s.

Close-up of cab in process & template cab Consequently, this machine uses a steel cabochon template to form an exact duplicate of the shape onto a rough, small pre-form stone slab. In addition, the machine comes with an extensive collection of steel cabochon templates. These templates are in different shapes and sizes. These templates can be easily interchanged to achieve the shape one desires.

Highland Park Lapidary with open shroudMost relevant, the stone  becomes a cabochon as a result of two small electric motors. The main motor and a counter weight work simultaneous. In addition, a white plastic pivoting shroud covers the moving parts and restrains the water spray. Finally, Highland Park Lapidary manufactures this machine towards the end of the company’s life cycle. Consequently, this American lapidary company goes out of business in the 1970’s.

Finally, another company recently purchases the copyright name.  Their new machines are now being made overseas in China. The paint on these machines is a similar green paint color scheme to the original, older versions. Even the red paint round manufacturer’s tag is similar to the original version. As a result, of the prior entities’ success, the new company reverse engineers the original Highland Park Lapidary machines. The new company is making these machines  with a few changes. They use Chinese steel, versus the original American steel.  Consequently, it is nothing like this American Beauty! To view the new Highland Park Lapidary Company’s offerings, please click HERE!

Below are photos of key components to this amazing stone cabochon duplicating machine. The manufacturer of this machine builds in brackets for the movable components. This feature makes the unit more compact, when it is not in use.

  • Highland Park auto cab machine
    Highland Park automatic cabochon duplicating machine

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