Sunshine Polishing Cloth Display
Sunshine Polishing Cloth Display

First of all, Sunshine Polishing Cloths have a high satisfaction rating on both the internet and from our personal customer’s feedback! Consequently, they are very effective and versatile!  In fact, when they turn black in color, they are still highly usable.


Most importantly, we highly recommend Sunshine Polishing Cloths © to our jewelry buying customers. In addition, these cloths clean, polish, and preserve the shine of your precious jewelry. Most noteworthy, they are safe to use on your turquoise jewelry. Also, they do not deposit harmful wet chemicals on the turquoise stones.

Finally, Sunshine Polishing Cloths © come in convenient clear plastic tubes with replaceable lids. Unbelievably, they are still usable when they turn black in color. Also, they have the convenience of both the rouge and polishing cloth in one unit!

Moreover, here are fantastic reviews about this product. Additionally, comments include such praise words as “Fantastic, Amazing, and The Best”

I bought the display case and the tubes of Sunshine Cleaning Cloths to put in the display case. These are the best cleaning cloths I have seen. In fact I use them to polish my wire jewelry all the time. They work fantastic and I have had customers purchase as many as four (4) tubes of these cleaning cloths at a time. They are a must have for polishing silver, gold, copper, brass and bronze.


Comments about Sunshine Cloth Counter Display with 50 Tubes:

I keep my display at my checkout area. It’s amazing how many people know the cloth and need a new one.


This Is A Must Have Product

Comments about Sunshine Cloth Counter Display with 50 Tubes:

These are the best polishing cloths I have ever used
We sell high end coins and gold and silver jewelry.
We are importers of Faberge, Romanov, Russian Eggs and other high priced Gold Items, from around the World. If we use these fantastic Sunshine Cloths on our Items, we know that they will work for you. We do not polish our Coins with these, but we do use these to keep a Beautiful Shine on All of Our Russian Eggs and Jewelry Products.

Verified Buyer

Consequently, these versatile polishing cloths are always in stock at TUCSON TURQUOISE … ONLY $4.99 / CLOTH

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