First of all, here are examples of a sample of turquoise we have available for sale. You can call us and tell us what you desire from the following photographs.

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  • Most importantly, turquoise sells by weight.

  • High Grade turquoise and cabochons sells by the carat or gram

  • 5 carats = 1 Gram 
  • 1 Ounce = 28.3 grams
  • 1 Pound = 453 Grams                                                                             
  • Firstly, low to mid-grade rough turquoise nuggets and chunks sells by the pound or kilo (2.2 pounds).                                              
  • Secondly, high grade turquoise and cabochons sell by the carat or gram.
  • Thirdly, natural turquoise, which is hard enough for cutting or cabbing,  is usually more valuable than stabilized turquoise. Most importantly, natural turquoise is typically too soft, and requires stabilizing. Moreover, stabilization adds costs to natural turquoise.

  • In conclusion, MOST TURQUOISE comes out of the ground with the CONSTANSISTENCY OF CHALKSurprisingly, it is estimated that 85% to 90% of ALL turquoise is stabilized, and only 10% to 15% is natural. Most notably, stabilization becomes popular in around 1955.

  • Most importantly, the common method of stabilization consists of soaking turquoise in resins or epoxies for weeks. As a result, these hardeners permeate and harden the stone. In conclusion, stabilizer hardens the turquoise “chalk,” and both deepens and freezes the color.

  • Consequently, substantial waste takes place when shaping turquoise into cabochon form. Therefore turquoise’s price per pound is considerably less than the price for finished cabochons.

First of all, we are constantly seeking American turquoise to provide to you! In addition, we specialize in turquoise from Arizona and Nevada. Above all, we are lucky to be in the city that hosts the world’s largest gem and mineral show, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. As a result, we are friends with many of the actual turquoise miner’s who extract this beautiful mineral directly from the earth.

In other words, we can assure you that what you buy from us is the real thing! For instance, below are pictures of a sample of our current inventory of turquoise. Most notably, our inventory is always changing, depending on what comes in our door!

In addition, due to declining availability of American turquoise, we also sell turquoise from Northern Mexico. Most importantly, these turquoise mines are just south of Tucson. Consequently, Nacozari and Campitos turquoise is available by the gram.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise available today at Tucson Turquoise
Natural AAA Grade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is available today at Tucson Turquoise inside American Antique Mall.                    THIS PARTICULAR MINE IS no longer producing any turquoise!

Cripple Creek Turquoise from Colorado
Cripple Creek Turquoise (direct from the miners) from Cripple Creek, Colorado. This is natural turquoise.

Ithica Peak Turquoise
Ithica Peak Turquoise from the Kingman Mining District, Kingman, Arizona. It is 100% natural.

Natural Nacozari Turquoise from Mexico
Natural Nacozari Turquoise from Sonora, Mexico. This turquoise mine is  just South of Bisbee, Arizona, and is in fact, from the same Mountain range.                                                                                        This mine no longer produces any turquoise! 

Natural Hachita Turquoise from New Mexico
Natural Hachita Turquoise from New Mexico. We also have stabilized Hachita Turquoise available ready for cabbing.                                                  This mine is inactive!

Hachita Turquoise is no longer available, other than in limited quantities. The picture above features stabilized Hachita Turquoise, ready for cabbing at just 50⊄/carat!                           THIS MINE IS no longer producing any turquoise!


Natural Kingman Turquoise from a vein found over 40 years ago!


Sleeping Beauty Natural Turquoise
Sleeping Beauty Natural Turquoise from Globe, Arizona, available for just $5/gram or $1.00/carat. Most notably, There in no recent turquoise from this mine!

Royston Turquoise Cabochons

Royston Turquoise Cabochons are just $10.00/gram or $2.00/carat!

                                                                                                          #8 Turquoise Mine (Nevada)

#8 Turquoise from Nevada at just $7.50/gram or $1.50/carat!

Authentic Bisbee Turquoise Cabochons from Nearby Bisbee, Arizona (100 miles from us).                                                                               

  • Firstly, we specialize in Bisbee Turquoise, and our inventory is always changing. 

  • Secondly, these examples may or may not be currently available. We are constantly adding new specimens. 

  • Most importantly, we guaranteed these Bisbee Cabochons to be authentic and are available from $20.00 – $200.00


Turquoise Cabochons ready made

Turquoise cabochons ready for your project (sold at just 75 cents/carat). Most noteworthy, these are American turquoise cabochons, mainly from both Arizona and Nevada mines.

Drilled Turquoise Beads for jewelry or arts and crafts

Zuni carved animals

Bolo tie parts
Bolo tie parts                                                                                                 
Bolo Cords both Brown and Black
Bolo Cords both Brown and Black

Turquoise chips for inlay projects. Most notably, woodworkers crush and epoxy this turquoise into crevasses.

Highest Grade Natural Morenci Turquoise nuggets, appropriate size for inlay or crushing. Most notably, the price is slightly less than $1.00 gram!

  • CONSEQUENTLY, there is no new turquoise  available from this mine.

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Tucson Turquoise 30 years in business since 1993
Tucson Turquoise 30 years in business since 1993

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