Carico Lake Cabochons
Carico Lake Turquoise Cabochons                                                                                                                     
  • We buy & sell vintage turquoise jewelry

  • We buy & sell raw turquoise stone

  • Turquoise cabochons

  • We buy & sell lapidary equipment

  • Full lapidary shops

  • We buy old turquoise collections

  • In addition, we buy parts, pieces, and broken Southwest Turquoise Jewelry.

Lapidary workbench
Lapidary workbench with multiple drawers for Lapidary Tools.                        
  • High Grade Spider Web Bisbee Turquoise
    High Grade Spider Web Bisbee Turquoise

Firstly, we sell beautiful Nacozari Natural Turquoise from Sonora, Mexico (Just South of Bisbee, Arizona). Above all, Nacozari Turquoise comes in every color from green to blue. For instance, being so close to Mexico, we have sellers who come in regularly with this variety of turquoise. Most notably, much of the turquoise, does need to be stabilized. 

Turquoise Cabochons for replacement or hobby
For instance, we sell Turquoise Cabochons for replacement or hobby

*Most noteworthy, these are representative turquoise cabochons, which may or may not be currently in our stock.  Consequently, we regularly stock turquoise cabochons to replace your missing or broken turquoise stones in your prized jewelry! Most importantly, we carry green to blue turquoise cabochons. In addition, we sell everything in-between!

Moreover, we have a local silversmith, who works independently in our antique mall. Consequently, he is here during store hours to repair your broken jewelry. In addition, Patrick is also very good at color matching missing or broken turquoise stones.

  • First of all, we always carry many different colors and matrix combinations to match your stones! 
  • Secondly, we are always buying old collections and adding the cabochons to the trays.
  • Thirdly, you never know what you will find!                            
  • Mixture of Turquoise Cabochons in different colors and patterns.

Tucson Turquoise inside the American Antique Mall

Most notably, Tucson Turquoise is inside the American Antique Mall 3130 E. Grant Road (@ Country Club), Tucson, Arizona 85716

Turquoise Mountain Turquoise with Matching Ring

First of all, here is Turquoise Mountain Turquoise with Matching Ring

Sleeping Beauty Rough Turquoise with matching bracelet

Secondly, here is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with matching Zuni Birdseye Bracelet

Waterweb Kingman Turquiose

Thirdly, here is Kingman Waterweb Turquoise with matching cabochon.

Kingman Spiderweb Turquoise Pendant and Cabochons

Also, Kingman Spiderweb Turquoise with matching Pendant

Bisbee Turquoise with Bisbee Matching Ring

Finally, Bisbee Turquoise Rough with matching Bracelet

In addition to both Turquoise and Turquoise jewelry, American Antique Mall actively sells antiques! Most importantly, true to our name, we sell mainly American Antiques from the 1800’s to the 1970’s. Consequently, here you will find quality antiques, not things that are better suited for yard sales and thrift stores. 


Tucson Turquoise 30 years in business since 1993
Tucson Turquoise 30 years in business since 1993

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