Most noteworthy, these are authentic Sleeping Beauty Turquoise nuggets on cards put together by the mine owners. In addition, these  nuggets are direct from the miners upon the closing of the mine! We obtain these unique cards from the Sleeping Beauty mine owners at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show. As a result, these are the last of the nugget cards available. 

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Original Sleeping Beauty Nugget Ad
Original Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Advertisement, which the mine owners of the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine both illustrate and produce. Moreover, these are previously for sale at the Miner’s warehouse.
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine profile for which it is named
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine profile for which it gets it’s name.  Moreover, the mine’s name comes from the shape of the the mountain range. The range profile  looks like a woman lying on her back. Furthermore, the graphics are from former owners of the Sleeping Beauty Mine.
Sleeping Beauty Business Card - Inactive
Sleeping Beauty Business Card – Now obsolete 
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Outlet - now closed
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Headquarters in Globe, Arizona. – now  “for rent” The signage is now painted over.                                                                                                                              In additon, we visit this Sleeping Beauty Mine Headquarters, in Globe, Arizona, just two weeks before the mine closes. Sleeping Beauty turquoise, in the rough, skyrockets from $250.00 per pound to $2,500.00 per pound OVER NIGHT! The price per pound has now come back down.                                                                                                                                     * Unlike most turquoise mines that “play out” and there is no further turquoise deposits available, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise doesn’t actually “play out. “ In fact,  the Canadian mining firm, Freeport McMoRan, buys out Phelps Dodge, and no longer offers turquoise mining contracts to turquoise recovery experts. Since the price of copper is high, it is no longer worth while to deal with EPA and OSHA for the royalty payments they would receive by a turquoise recovery firm. Moreover,  the copper bearing material, including Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, now goes directly into the crusher!

Yes, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is still in existence, but is unattainable!


AAA grade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
AAA grade Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise available for $5.00/gram with a $50.00 minimum. (Dime size or smaller)
AAA grade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
AAA grade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

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