Most noteworthy, these are examples of just a few of the turquoise rings we sell. Chiefly, our main ecommerce website, from which we sell, is TucsonIndianJewelry.com. Consequently, we buy and sell rings from new and vintage Navajo (Dine’), Zuni, Hopi, and Santo Domingo silversmiths.

Comparatively, many rings are “unsigned.”  Not to mention, tribal members once consider signing jewelry to be egotistical or boisterous. Consequently, this would be putting yourself above other tribal members by taking credit for your work.  In conclusion, pieces with hallmarks, are for the most part, a product of recent invention.

Above all, Charles Loloma is an exceptionally famous silversmith who, back in the day, is given reprimand by his piers for his behavior of promoting himself.

Comparatively, turquoise is in use for centuries, for personal adornment.  As a result, we offer rings with Bisbee Turquoise, Kingman Turquoise, Morenci Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and other Arizona mines.

* Consequently, rings in these pictures below are subject to prior sale 

Blue Turquoise and Pyrite Ring
First of all, this is blue turquoise and pyrite in a sterling silver ring                                                                                                         
Blue Royston Turquoise Ring (Nevada)
Secondly, this is a Blue Royston Turquoise and sterling silver ring (Nevada)                                                                                             
Number 8 Turquoise Ring (Nevada)
Thirdly, this is a Number 8 Turquoise sterling silver ring (Nevada).   Most interestingly, Number 8 Turquoise is known for it’s “spots” of blue and brown host rock.                                                                                              
Turquoise Mountain Ring (Kingman, Az.)
In addition, this is a Turquoise Mountain Ring (Kingman, Az.) . Most importantly, Turquoise Mountain is part of the Kingman Mining District, and is a mountain is not currently in operation.               
Kingman Waterweb Turquoise Ring (Kingman, Az.)
Also, this is a Kingman Water web Turquoise Ring (Kingman, Az.). In specific, this ring features water web “mottling” along with pyrite. In conclusion, to learn more about Water Web turquoise please click HERE!                                                                     
Turquoise Cobblestone Ring
Equally important, this is a Turquoise Cobblestone sterling silver ring featuring both water web turquoise and Mediterranean red coral                                                                                                             
Paiute Turquoise Ring (Nevada)
Paiute Turquoise sterling silver ring (Nevada) – SOLD                                                                                                    
Carico Lake Turquoise Ring (Nevada)
Carico Lake Turquoise sterling silver ring (Nevada)                                                                                         
Blue Wind Turquoise Ring (Nevada)
Blue Wind Turquoise sterling silver ring (Nevada)  – SOLD                                                                                               
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (Arizona)
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise sterling silver ring (Arizona)                                                                                                 
Kingman Turquoise Ring (Kingman, Az.)
Kingman Turquoise sterling silver ring (Kingman, Az.)                                                                                     
Kingman Turquoise Ring (Kingman, Az.)
Kingman Turquoise sterling silver ring (Kingman, Az.)                                                                                            

Most importantly, these are just a few examples of the hundreds of rings we sell. 

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