Sam Patania examines Bisbee ring construction

First of all, the Patania family is a famous silversmith family who work in Tucson, Arizona. Most noteworthy, the family dynasty starts with Frank Patania Sr. Consequently, the family migrates from Sicily. Next, comes Frank Patania Jr. who grows up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Finally, Sam Patania now carries on the family business.  Most noteworthy, the quality of their work awards them with a place in the prestigious Smithsonian Institution permanent collections.

Christy notes Sam Patania's techniques

In addition, we are fortunate enough to participate in Sam Patania’s workshop. As a result, Sam accepts a maximum of 4 students to learn silversmith techniques they develop over 3 generations of his family’s business. Notably, this is a picture of Christy, of Tucson Turquoise, learning from Sam Patania.




Sam Patania with micro torch

Also, Dwight of Tucson Turquoise, learns tips and tricks from Master Silversmith Sam Patania. Most noteworthy, Sam currently sells his own jewelry, along with his father and grandfather’s jewelry.


Sam Patania supervises Dwight of Tucson Turquoise
Sam Patania supervises Dwight of Tucson Turquoise
Sam Patania supervises Christy Schannep
Sam Patania supervises Christy of Tucson Turquoise                                                               

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